Social Outreach


The College has two NSS units namely Unit I & Unit II have been running successfully. Prof. Joysima Biswas( Assistant Professor in Bengali) & Prof. Munshi Md. Samsuzzaman (Part - Time Lecturer in Commerce) are the Programme Officer of the respective units.Through out the year NSS unit extensively engadged with various philanthropic activities in the College campus as well as in the locality.

NSS Activities

1) "WORLD HEALTH DAY" (07.04.2016) Seminar organized by Prof. Joysima Biswas (Unit- I)and professor Samsuzzaman (Unit- II) by 200 volunteers at seminar hall presided by President of N.S.S. committee dr. Nisith Nath Chakrovorty 
2) Observed "ENVIRONMENTAL DAY" (05/06/2016) by 200 volunteers and college student at college campus on that date.
3) "ARANYA SAPTAHA" July 13-19 observed by N.S.S. volunteers during 7 days and plantation programme (Saplen) about 200 trees cover that period.
4) Observed "HIROSIMA DAY" AND "NAGASAKI DAY" by 200 volunteers on 06.08.15 and 09.08.15.
5) Organised and observed "SAHID KHUDIRAM TIRODHAN DIBAS" a seminar on Hall Auditorium 350 student of N.S.S.
6) Observed "Independence Day" (15.08.15) rally, Street Drama and Social activity organized by N.S.S. (Volunteers) and Student Union.
7) "SAD-BHAVANA DIBAS" (20.08.15) ORGANIZED BY Prof. Munsi Md. Samsuzzaman and Prof. Joysima Biswas Class Lecture on Motivated Mental Treatment of N.S.S. Volunteers for Mutual Change. (Human Psychologically Sector).
15 8) BLOOD DONATION MOTIVATED CAMP for 2 day 28.08.15 and 29.08.15 organised by Unit- I and Unit- II volunteers and student union, the 350 student.
9) "HEALTH CARE PROGRAMME" – Organised by P.O. of Unit- I and II sanitation, AIDS and Thalassemia awareness programme on 31.08.15
10) "VILLAGE SURVEY" (Socio- Economic) adopted village done by N.S.S. volunteers during 2 days on 03.9.15. and 04.09.15 directed by programme officer.
11) "ANTI- TERRORIST DAY" (01.09.15) observed by N.S.S. Volunteers, the audience size of 250 of Unit- I & II on 01.09.15.
12) N.S.S. day (Foundation Day) 24.09.15 observed by N.S.S. volunteers at college premises, Poem recitation, Dance, Drama and Cultural Programme organized and directed by Programme Officer of Unit- I & II. 
13) "HEALTH IS WEALTH" (Health Care Seminar) Seminar organized by N.S.S. Volunteers Unit- I & II and speech delivered on class lecture on seminar by Prof. Pradip Biswas, Dr. S. Khalsi and Block Medical Officer of Health (B.M.O.H.) and Hemeo Physician Dr. Golsanare Begum on that 02.10.15.
14) Observed "POPULATION DAY" (11.07.15) at college premises presided by Teacher- In- charge at seminar hall on that date, Audience 200 volunteers.
15) Adopted Village of Unit- I (Labpur Laghata Adibasi Para) and Unit- II (Kalikapur Adibasi Para) survey for Pulse- Polio and Plant for Socio Utilization.
16) "SERVE TO SOCIETY, SERVE TO MAN", Mental and Social Motivation class lecture of 4 days during the 2015-16 Session for Mental stabilization of student about their works on 16.11.15 and 19.11.15.
17) "AIDS DAY" (01.12.15) observed by volunteers bath rally at Labpur Local range and awareness programme organized by Unit- I & II and ‘AIDS’ Drama (Street) Shown by Local Range). 
18) "SACHHA BHARAT" Govt. Programme organized by N.S.S. volunteers at cleaning College campus and scavenging on plastic free campus, Anti Smoke campaigning and Anti Drug Campaigning by 12.04.16. 

1. In College Campus : 

a) Seminar on N.S.S. Philosophy, N.S.S. Volunteers as routine works.
b) Routine works Performed for cleaning the Campus throughout the year.
c) Seminar on survey Procedure at adopted village serving reports and the Geography maps of the adopted village prepared by our N.S.S. volunteers.
d) Free Plantation performed on that "ARANYASAPTAHA"
e) The fruit Garden Constructed and prepared by N.S.S. volunteers and maintained by N.S.S. volunteers regularly.
f) Organized a seminar and our quiz Contest on AIDS among the N.S.S. volunteers.
g) Blood Donation Camp on College 03/11/15 (15-16)
h) Seminar on motivation Blood Donation in 14/10/15
i) Organized a Training Camp on FIRST-AID on College Campus by Arambag Health Centre.
j) Organized a seminar and Group Discussion about S.S.A. and "SULAV SOUCHAGAR".
k) Observed the "N.S.S. Day" on 24/09/2015.

2. Adopted Village (Both Unit)
Name & Address of Village –
Labpur, Birbhum
Chowhatta 1 No., Labpur, Birbhum
West Bengal. OFF CAMPUS (At Adopted Village)
a) Survey report and village map prepared by door survey in a questionnaires form supplied by N.S.S. dept. of B.U.
b) Motivation Camp on Health & hygiene on cleanliness the community preparation of garbage, on mother & child health, pulse polio immunization Japanese encephalitis, N.S.V. publicity camp, Birth control camp and S.TD etc.
c) Training Camp on Development of Agriculture among the villagers (A.P.L)
d) Fruit tree plantation project in B.P.L families at also adopted village on
e) Motivation Camp on low cost Sanitation (Sulav Souchagar) at adopted village organized by N.S.S. and Block Sanitary Mart.
f) Self Help Group Camp- awareness about Health and community people.
g) Health Care Camp Organised by N.S.S. Volunteers at adopted village to all villagers