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Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualification : M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D (Geography), M.A. (Education), Master of Population Studies (IIPS, Mumbai), PG Diploma (Disaster Management), DMGIS (NATMO), SET

Department Name : Geography

Date of Joining : 03-08-2020

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Publications :

1. “LIMNOLOGICAL PROFILE OF KAMAL SAGAR WETLAND(KASW) OF BURDWAN TOWN,WEST BENGAL, INDIA” Published in an International peer-reviewed, referred And Indexed journal of Indonesia- NUSANTARA BIO-SCIENCE, ISSN:2087-3948,E-ISSN:2087-3956,Vol.9,No.2,pp.195-201,May2017, DOI: 10.13057/nusbiosi/n090215

2. “CHUNKING CUM ACROSTICS STRATEGY AS A TOOL FOR MEMORIZING THE NAMES OF COUNTRIES AND CONTINENTS” Published in an International peer-reviewed, referred and indexed journal of India-SCHOLARLY RESEARH JOURNAL FOR HUMANITY SCIENCE & ENGLISH LANGUAGE, ISSN:2348-3083,Vol.4,No.21,pp.5125-5136, APRIL-MAY 2017/

3. “LIMNOLOGICAL PROFILE OF SHYAM SAYAR(SSA)OF BURDWANTOWN,WEST BENGAL, INDIA” Published in an International peer-reviewed, referred And Indexed journal of India - Journal Of Environmental Science , Computer Science And Engineering &Technology, Udaipur, Rajasthan. EISSN_2278-179X, Vol: 04, issue-03 August: year: 2015(IF:4.296).

4. “CLAY DOLL COTTAGE INDUSTRY OF INDIA: A STUDY OF GHURNI, KRISHNANAGAR MUNICIPALITY OF NADIA DISTRICT,WEST BENGAL” Published in an International double-blind peer-reviewed, referred And Indexed journal of India –Global Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. EISSN_2348-0459, vol-iv, no-31, issue-viii, July: year: 2015(IF: 2.389).

5. “CYCLONES IN WEST BENGAL: SEVERITY AND MANAGEMENT” Published in an National Journal- Journal of Landscape Systems and Ecological Studies (ILEE).ISSN_ 09714170 vol-34, no-02, issue- December 2011

6. “BENEFITS,PROBLEMS AND MANAGEMENT OF WETLANDS: A CASE OF DAMODAR ALLUVIAL TRACT IN BARDDHAMAN DISTRICT, WEST BENGAL” Published in an international peer-reviewed and referred journal of India -National Geographical Journal Of India,ISSN_ 0027-9374/2014/1512 vol-60(1), issue- March:71-82 year: 2011

7. ”WETLANDS OF THE DAMODAR ALLUVIAL TRACT IN BURDWAN DISTRICT, WEST BENGAL, INDIA: EXPLORING THE POTENTIALITY FOR RURAL TRANSFORMATION” In J.K. Routray & W. Li(Eds.),Proceedings of the International Forum on Education and Rural Transformation: Rural Livelihood and Gender in Rural Transformation(pp.253-269).Asian Institute of Technology ,P.O Box 4, Klong Luang Pathumthani 12120, Thailand.

Others :

Participated and presented the research papers in various

International conference (1)

National Conferences (3)

National seminars (3)


Workshops (2)


Ph.D Topic: “Conservation and Management of Wetlands of the Damodar Alluvial Tract in Burdwan District, West Bengal”

Name of supervisor: Prof. (Dr.) Narayan Chandra Jana (B.U).