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Faculty Profile Dr Palli Dulal Mukherjee

Dr Palli Dulal Mukherjee

Designation : Associate Professor

Qualification : MSc; PhD

Department Name : Physics

Date of Joining : 01-02-1986

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Publications :

  1. “The influence of impurities on the range of 28 MeV α-particles in NaCl single crystals”, Physica Status Solidi (b) (Germany), Vol- 128, P-483-488 (1985)
  2. “Dechanneling  of alpha particles due to defects produced in NaCl crystal by thermal treatment”, Physica (Netherlands), Vol- 132B, P- 310-314 (1985)
  3. “On the range of 30 MeV α- particles in pure and impurity doped KCl crystals”, FZKAAA (Yugoslavia), Vol- 17(2), P- 129-135 (1985)
  4. “Variation of Electron-range in Quenched and Slow-cooled Sodium Chloride crystals”, Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, Vol-23, P-330-332 (1985)
  5. “Alpha particle dechanneling by thermally induced defects in KCl crystals”, J. Phys C (Solid Sate Phys.), Vol- 19, P- 6687-6694 (1986)
  6. “The Variation of Electron Range in pure and Mg-doped crystals of NaCl due to thermal treatment”, J. Phys. Chem. Solids (USA), Vol- 47, No- 8, P- 811-814 (1986)
  7. On the variation of alpha particle range in KCl crystal in the energy region between 30 MeV and 50 MeV”, Revue Roumaine De Physique (Romania), Vol-31, No- 4, P- 329-333 (1986)
  8. “The Efficiency of F-center formation by Irradiation with 30 MeV alpha particles in pure and impurity doped NaCl and KCl single crystals”, Published in the proceedings of  “First Colloquium of Experimental Physicist” (National Seminar held in Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics Lecture theatre on 14th and 15th January 1984) Section B(8), P- 195-200 (1984)