Mission & Vision

Specific Vision

The main vision was to have wide publicity and advancement of higher learning by which the young generation of the locality would develop themselves in culture, education, health, games and sports and above all they would be attracted to the development of the society as well as of the country. Though Labpur was culturally very much in the forward line of the district where eminent author like Tarasankar Bandhyapaddhya composed the Ganadevata to create the consciousness of the people.

Mission at a glance

Sambhu Nath College established in the year 1963 in a remote educationally backward area in the district of Birbhum with the mission of advancement of learning and to fulfill the dream of the younger generation towards the attraction of their higher education of which the country would be enlightened to the East and West. Dr. Sambhu Nath Bandhyapaddhya, honourable Ex-Vice chancellor and justice of the Calcutta High court had been kind enough to initiate the establishment of the college with some distinguished educationists in the district. It’s a pleasure to inform to all concerned that the eminent Sudhendu Ranjan Das, former Honorable justice, the Supreme Court of India, Dr. Satkari Mukhopadhyay formerly Adhyaksha of Naba-Nalanda Mahabihar, who were kindly present on August 16, 1963 on the occasion of its establishment.


Amongst the objectives of the institution it was to introduce honours courses in Zoology,Botany and Chemistry as demanded by the locality. Introduction of soil testing laboratory, construction of laboratory building, to construct an auditorium to enhance the cultural as well as the academic endevour and plantation in our college campus were our objectives too.