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The department started with Honours course in the year 2005 to fulfill the huge demand of the subject in this locality. There are four full-time teachers in the department. There is a well-equipped laboratory. The total students enrolled in the last year is 130 including both Honours and General course. The students come from the adjacent area of the institution as well as from the neighboring district.

The success rate of the student is 84.0% based on last two years college records.Dropout rate of this department  is negligible. There is a well-equipped laboratory in the department and in view of the fact that the department has been introduced newly a large number of text and reference books are purchased in the department. Generally lecture method of teaching is followed with some teaching aids like maps, globs, charts. LCD projector is used in teaching as and when necessary.

Plan of action of the department for the coming years –

1. To subscribe more Geographical journals.

2. Enrichment of community outreach programme and interdepartmental seminars.

3. To introduce Automatic Weather Station (AWS).

4. To introduce P.G Course

5. Use of smart board facility in the class room.

6. To conduct national seminar entitled ”Issues and Challenges of Poverty, Development and   Rural Livelihoods in India"

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