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The department started in the year 1963 since the inception of the college. There are four permanent faculty members. The total student strength is 2758 and interestingly it is found that number of female student is significantly high. Most of the students come from local area and also from remote villages. Changes made in the courses or programmes during the past two years and the contribution of the faculty to those changes.                   

During the past two years the rate of success of students is significantly high (71.82%) and the rate of dropout is negligible.  A large number of text and reference books are available in the library. The students can borrow library books from the central library and also from the departmental library.

Plan of action of the department for the coming years –

1. School Service coaching centre in the department.

2. To introduce PG Course.

3. Organize seminars in the department at regular intervals.

Faculty Members

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