College Administration

Present Governing Body Members

Dr. Raja Ghosh  (President ), Sudipta Ghosh  (State Govt. Nominee ), Dr. Probodh Kumar Mondal  (University Nominee ), Prof. Prasun Banerjee  (University Nominee ), Prof. Tista Dutta Roy  (University Nominee ), Dr. Pradip Biswas  (Teachers' Representative ), Prof. Joysima Biswas  (Teachers' Representative ), Dr. Gokul Sahu  (Teachers' Representative )

-------  (Non Teaching Employees' Representative )

Smt. Ratna Sen  (Non Teaching Employees' Representative ), Subham Sarkar  (General Secretary, Students' Union ), Dr. Nisith Nath Chakrovorty  (Principal / Secretary (Ex. officio) )

Present Teachers' Council

Prof. Ranjit Kumar Sen(Secretary, Teacher's Council ), Dr. Jiaul Islam (Assistant Secretary, Teacher's council )

Sambhu Nath College Students Union (2015-16)

President – Principal Dr.Nishith Nath Chakravorty, Vice President – Partha Roy, General Secretary – Subham Sarkar, Asst. General Secretary – Sandip Kumar Banerjee, Games and Sports Secretary- Mokrub Ali Sk., Cultural Secretary - Kuljit Pal

Student's Union Activity

TMCP directed Sambhu Nath College Student Union engaged themselves with various welfare activities for the development of the Institution and for the students. Some of the majour achievements of the student union are organizing Blood donation camp, Establishment of Book Bank for needy and meritorious students, continuously running an Aid fund for needy students etc. 

The Students Union already distributed more than 3,50,000/- (Three lakh fifty thousand rupees only) for the needy students through the Aid fund. They have distributed more than 1000 text books among the students. They have been running this process for the last four years uninterruptedly. For the development and betterment of the academic atmosphere the Student Union extend all the required support to the College authority.