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Salim Ali Eco Club

'Salim Ali Eco Club' is one of the important units of this college, which was named after the renowned ornithologist. Due to the socio-economic background of our students, we have observed a general lack of awareness about the environment. So we are trying to create a general awareness to preserve the environment by having a plastic free zone in and around the campus. We also encourage students to plant trees so that we have a greener and a cleaner tomorrow. The Eco-club is practicing few steps for creating bio-diversity equilibrium. Salim Alim Eco Club and the Department of Botany jointly identified all majour plant species with their scientific name on individual name plate. The members of Eco-club put some water bowls in different places for birds, squirrels and other living creatures. Eco-club members are trying to make separate identity catalogs of the local and migratory birds, common insects, common butterflies and common snakes in the college and nearby locality with the help of the few teachers and local people. The Eco-club organizes some awareness programmes for the students such as water conservation, soil erosion, de-forestation, green house effect, carbon foot print measurement etc. Today we can gladly say that we are able to keep our campus clean. We have successfully also been able to create a plastic free zone. Not only that a general awareness or environmental consciousness is developed among the students regarding the use of plastic, conservation of water, plantation etc.