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Department - Political Science

Ranjit Kumar Sen, Assistant Professor [HOD]

Head of the Department
Date of joining : 04-09-2003
Qualification :

M.A from Burdwan University in 1996.

B.Ed from Burdwan University in 1999.

Specialisation in :International Relations
Paper & publications

[1]‘Uchchamadhyamik Rastra Bigyan’ by Ranjit Kumar Sen - Tulshi Prakashani, Kolkata, 2007.

[2]‘Rastra Bigyan Chayan’ by Ranjit Kumar Sen – Ashadeep, Kolkata, 2008.

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Sangeeta Mukherjee, Assistant Professor

Date of joining : 01-04-2010
Qualification :

M.A from Burdwan University in 1997.

M.Phil from Burdwan University in 2002.

Specialisation in :Public Administration & Local Govt.
Academic interests

Globalization of Music, Women Studies, Tribal Development.

Paper & publications

[i] Sangeeta Mukherjee (2007), “Asansole prathamik sikkhersarbikabastha- Aktisamikkha (30 & 31 no. ward)”, Samaj-Tattva (A bi-lingual Half-Yearly Journal)”, Vol-13, Issue-2,December 2007, pp.94-103

[ii] Sangeeta Mukherjee (2008), “Naribad O BharateNariAndolon- Aktiparjalochona”, Samaj-Tattva (A bi-lingual Half-Yearly Journal)”, Vol-14, Issue-II,December 2008, pp.46-50.

[iii]Sandip Kumar Ghatak & Sangeeta Mukherjee (2009), “Women Empowerment and Panchayati Raj Institutions- A case study of Andal Block in the district of Burdwan”,  Man and Life, A Journal of the Institute of Social Research and Applied Anthropology, Vol.35, Nos.1-2, Jan-June,2009, ISSN 0972-4109, pp.133-142.

[iv] Sangeeta Mukherjee (2012), “Status of Tribal Women and Panchayati Raj Institutions- A case study of Bolpur-Sriniketan Block”,Changing Society, Culture and its Impacts on People, Book Volume, May-2012, ISBN-978-81-909878-9-9, pp.196-206

 [v]Sarkar Shubhabrata1, Mukherjee Sangeeta2 & BairagyaRamsundar3*, “Faster and Sustainable Inclusive Growth will be one of the Important Strategy for India Tomorrow”, International Journal of Current Research, Vol. 4, Issue,04, [online], Available://, accessed in April  2012, 322-326

[vi] Sangeeta Mukherjee (2013), “Globalization of Music-Indian Context”, International Journal ‘Anglisticum’, Literature, Linguistics & Interdisciplinary Studies, Vol.2, Number1, [online], Available:, accessed in February 2013,ISSN 1857-8179 (Paper) ISSN 1857-8187(Online)

[vii] Sangeeta Mukherjee (2012), “Swami Vivekananda- The Idea of Great ‘Matribhumi’ (India)”,Bahurupe Sammukhe Tumi: Vivekananda, Book Volume, ISBN 978-93-84-491-05-5, pp.315-322.

Others Information

Senior Diploma in Vocal & Sangeet Bivakar in Nazrul Geeti also doing reciatation.

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Rajendra Prasad, Assistant Professor

Date of joining : 21-12-2016
Qualification :

M.A from JNU in 2005.

M.Phil from JNU in 2008.

Pursuing Ph.D from JNU from 2013.

Specialisation in :International Politics
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