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Department - History

Dr.Sukhwinder Kalsi, Assistant Professor

Head of the Department
Date of joining : 01-02-2005
Qualification :

M.A from Visva Bharati in 1999.

Ph.D from Visva Bharati in 2007.

Specialisation in :Economic History
Paper & publications

1.One Article entitled ‘Newly Found Date on the Victory coins of Hussain Shah of Bengal’ published in the Newsline, from IIRNS (Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies), 2004, No. 40. pp. 4-5, Nasik, Maharashtra.

2.Published one paper entitled “Small Fractional coins of the Ahoms and Their Local Trade”, Numismatic Digest, from IIRNS, 2005, Vol. 27-28, pp. 107-111, Nasik, Maharashtra.

3.One paper published in Bengali Patrika- ‘|Anandashakti’, entitled, “Samajik Itihas Charchar Karjokari Upadan Hisebe Mudra (1464-1761 AD), Tripura, Ekti Ujjal Najir”, 2005, pp, 116-120.

4.“Coin and Culture : A Study of Tripura Coins (1464-1761 AD)”, NEIHA (North East India History Association), Proceedings, Vol. 26, 2005, Kokrajhar, Assam.

5.“Coinage and Trade : A Study of Jaintiapur and Ahom Coins”, published in the 66th Annual Session of the IHC (Indian History Congress), Visva- Bharati, 2006.

6.Published one report entitled “An Indian Tradition reflected elsewhere” in the Souvenir volume of ‘Mudra Utsav’, on the occasion of 12thAnnual Conference & Coin Exhibition of the Numismatic Society of Calcutta & 93rd special Session of The Numismatic Society of India, Varanasi with 3rd Seminar of the Oriental Numismatic Society, U.K. December 2008.

7.“Northeast Tribal Society: Transition from Tribalism to Hinduism as Gleaned from Coins”, NEIHA (North East India History Association), Proceedings, Vol. 29, 2008, Dibrugarh, Assam.

8.“Medieval Coins vis-à-vis Aspects of Monetization and the Assam-Bengal Trade”, NEIHA (North East India History Association), Proceedings, Vol. 30, 2009, Nagaon, Assam.

9.“Victory Coins, Legitimacy and Religio-social Invocation of Tripura: Some Reflections”, Indian Historical Review, 2009. 10.“Tripura Coins: New Discoveries and Their Historical Impact”. Paper accepted for publication in the 32nd Session of NEIHA, held At Tripura University from 17th to 19th October, 2011.

Others Information

In charge of N.C.C of the College, Interest in singing & Sports. Got research fellowship from ICHR for Two years. Holder of Governor’s Medal for being the Best Cadet in NCC.

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Saptarsi Chakraborty, Assistant Professor

Date of joining : 01-04-2010
Qualification :

M.A from Calcutta University in 2006.

Pursuing Ph.D from Calcutta University.

Specialisation in :Ancient Indian History
Academic interests

Epigraphy & Numismatics Socio-Cultural History, Art History.

Paper & publications

Published Paper:

1.Published a paper titled Gangaridai a historical approachin the annual volume (no.21) of Pashimbanga Itihas Sansad in 2007.

2.Published a paper titled Ancient Indian environmental conscious reflected in Barahamihir’s Brihat Samhita” in the Annual volume (no.22) of Pashimbanga Itihas Sansad in 2008.

3.Published a paper titled “In comparison with the other civilization a study of Ancient Indian water conservation (pre-historic age to 600 AD)” in the annual volume (no.23) of Pashimbanga Itihas Sansad in 2009.

4.Published a paper titled “Globalization & Indian Migrant Labour : a saga of Human rights violation" in the journal of UGC sponsored state level seminar titled Human Development & Human Rights in India organized by Tarakeswar Degree College on 25th April’2009.

5.Published a paper titled “Graeco- Roman Travelogue: a Literary journey through the Ancient Indian Past” in the UGC sponsored National level seminar volume History in Literature & literature as Historyorganized by Kulti College in 2012 [ ISBN 978-93-80663-50-0]

6.Published a paper titled “Elephant and the Polity: an Ancient Indian Perspective “in the 27th annual volume of Pashimbanga Itihas Sansad in 2012 [ ISBN 978-81-910874-3-7]

7.Published a paper titled “Changing Social Psychology of Terrorism: Through the eyes of Bollywood” in the UGC sponsored National level seminar volume Changing Society, Culture and its impact on People” organized by Sambhu Nath College in 2012 [ ISBN 987-81-909878-9-9]

8.Published a paper titled “The rise of water as a Global Agenda: perspective Latin America” in the UGC sponsored National level seminar titled” Global warming and its social and political effect” organized by Tarakeswar Degree College on 2nd-3rd Dec’2013 [ ISBN 978-81-921382-3-7]

9.Published a paper titled “Cultural synthesis: an observation to the Depiction of Musical Instruments in early Orissan temple sculpture” in the First Annual Conference volume organized by Paschimbanga Anchalik Itihas O Loksanskriti Charcha Kendra in 2015 [ISBN 978-81-926316-2-2]

10. Published a paper titled “ Theoretical and practical impacts of TiE : Experiences and Conflicts” in UGC sponsored National level seminar titled “Evolution of Bengal in 20th century in the context of liberal arts and popular culture” organized by Rampurhat College in 2015 [ISBN 978-93-81245-73-6]

 Submitted Paper:

 1.Submitted a paper titled “Approach of CSR to go green concept: " in UGC sponsored National level seminar titled “Environmental History in India: Recent Trends” organized by Tarakeswar Degree College on 26th and 27th March’ 2012.

2.Submitted a paper titled “Water conservation and consciousness reflected in the Vedic Litarature” in the 29th annual conference of Pashimbanga Itihas Sansad on 24th-26th Jan’ 2013

3.Submitted a paper with Kunal Chakraborty, titled “Bio diversity reflected in West Asian & Mediterranean region: a Numismatic Observation” in the UGC sponsored National level seminar on “Human Dimensions of Environmental Change” organized by Kazi Nazrul Islam Mahavidyalaya on 8th-9th February, 2013.

Others Information

Being active Theatre worker of Uttarpara Samatat participated many District, State, National and International level Theatre festivals. Take an active role in regarding “Theatre in Education” programme conducted by NANDIKAR.

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Mahadeb Pal, Part Time Lecturer

Date of joining : 01-07-2004
Qualification :

M.A from Rabindra Bharati University in 1998.

Specialisation in :Modern European History
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Avijit Singha, Part Time Lecturer

Date of joining : 22-10-2009
Qualification :

M.A from Visva Bharati in 2008.

B.Ed from Visva Bharati in 2010.

Specialisation in :Modern Indian History
Paper & publications

  1. One Article entitled “The effects of Globalization on women in Developing Nations” published by Sambhunath College in 2012.  ISBN NO-978-81-909878-9-9.
  2.  Published one paper entitled “Public health in Birbhum, 1947-70 in Multi-disciplinary, Peer Reviewed journal. ISSN NO- 2248-9703.
  3.  “Sultani yuger Unani Chikitsa-ekti oitihasik parjalochona published in an international, multi-disciplinary, refereed journal. ISSN No- 2229-6484.
  4.  Malaria in Post-Colonial Birbhum: 1947-81 published from Paschimbanga Anchalik Itihas O loksanskriti. ISSN No-2394-5737.
  5. Tuberculosis in Post –Colonial Birbhum; through the eyes of gender differences published in an International journal of Research in Applied, Natural and Social Sciences. ISSN No (E) -2321-8851.

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