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Commerce- Department Activities

The department started in the year 1973. The department has three sanctioned posts but at present there are three part-time teachers. Many subjects are being taught in this department according to syllabus adopted by the University of Burdwan. In the past there were a large number of students in the department. But in course of time the number of students rapidly declined because the subject is not taught in the Madhyamik level or HS level. At present only 17 students (both in Honours and General) are enrolled in the last year. It is mater of great concern that the student strength is decreasing day-by-day since there is a little scope for commerce students to compete in examinations conducted by the SSC. Moreover, after graduation they cannot go for expensive higher study as they come from poor family.

During the past two years the rate of success of students is 79.33% and the rate of dropout is negligible. The department has computers of its own. Since the number of students is few the numbers of available books per student is very high.

Plan of action of the department for the next five years –

1.Journals will be subscribed.

2. To introduce statistics at general course with Economics Honours.