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Environmental Science- Department Activities

In the age of environmental pollution the students’ representative of the college demanded to open a separate department. So the college is permitted by the Burdwan University to open the department with honours in 2007 as self-financing department. There is one full-time teacher and a guest Lecturer in the department. Within a very short period the department established a well-equipped advanced laboratory. As it is a multi-disciplinary subject some faculty members of other departments also take classes of this department.  There are 17 students studying in this department. All the students come from the local area of the institution.

The success rate of students of this department is 47% and drop our rate is negligible.  Learning resources of the departments – There is a well-equipped laboratory in the department and in view of the fact that the department has been introduced newly a large number of text and reference books are purchased in the department.  Modern teaching methods practiced and use of ICT in teaching - learning – The teaching is mainly delivered through lecture method, interactions takes place in the class rooms by asking question to the students very effectively.

Plan of action of the department for the coming years –

1.  More exposure of students to industries, thereby they will get more knowledge about     pollution caused by such industrial discharge.

2. To encourage students to deliver seminar on popular topics.

3. To arrange seminar/discussion on some topic by resource persons for the student   enrichment.

4.To equip the laboratory with all the instruments required for the practical classes as per revised syllabus.