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Chemistry- Department Activities

The department starts initially with University Entrance course and in 1985, B.Sc. General course has been started. There are two permanent faculty members in the department. There are 203 students studying in this department. All the students come from the adjacent area of the institution.

During the past two years the rate of success of students is satisfactory (83.16%) and the rate of dropout is negligible. There is a sufficient number of text and reference books in the library and also in departmental library. The laboratory is also well-equipped. Sometimes LCD projector is also used for teaching aid. Modern teaching methods practiced and use of ICT in teaching - learning – Normally, teaching is delivered through lecture method. Interaction method is used in the classroom.


Plan of action of the department for the coming years –

1. To Open Honours course.

2. Modernized General Chemistry Laboratory for students’ purpose.

3. Subscription of various Science journals.